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Sewing a Winter Capsule Wardrobe Part 2:  Fabrics and Patterns

Sewing a Winter Capsule Wardrobe Part 2: Fabrics and Patterns

If you missed part 1 of this series, you can find it here.  

Now for my very favorite part:  putting together fabrics and patterns for my winter capsule wardrobe!  As I said in part one, I shopped my personal fabric collection for this collection and these fabrics were purchased over the past year.  I will write a post in the future about buying fabric for my own collection versus buying fabric for a current project, but for now I will simply say that I do a mixture of both.  

winter green seasonal cover photo.jpg

I have been drawn to shades of green lately and definitely saw that reflected in my fabrics.  I am calling this little collection, Winter Green.  I picked out six fabrics and I will mix in some articles of clothing that I already own, some purchased ready-to-wear and also some handmades.  I may even throw in another fabric from my collection if I feel strongly about a certain style or color as I start to sew all of these up.  I'm giving myself some freedom to interpret my theme and adjust my sewing plans since this is all about feeling good in the clothing I'm putting on my own body.  

I will add links to the fabrics if they are still available (as of January 2018) but many fabrics I purchase are from small independent shops that carry limited amounts of specialty apparel fabrics.  If they are no longer available, I encourage you to shop around the shop's available fabrics to see what they have new in store now!

Starting from the top of my stack...

  • Undecided on a pattern for the floral polyester spandex blend woven fabric from Joann Fabrics.  (The linked fabric here doesn't appear to have a white background so I'm not 100% sure it is the exact same fabric but it is the same floral print.)   I am still figuring out exactly what I will make from this fabric but I own the the Leschi Blouse, the Dove Blouse, and the Seamwork York.  I want something really simple to show off the beautiful print and something that can be layered with a vest or cardigan, and I like the idea of adding an interesting detail such as a statement sleeve or collar.  
  • Plantain Tee/Pony Tank hack with a big cowl neck for the striped bamboo blend knit from LA Finch Fabrics.  This fabric is now out of stock.  I am aiming for a tunic length, extremely cozy knit shirt that can be worn with any pair of leggings or skinny jeans on mornings that we are rushing off to school drop off or library story hour.   
  • A knee length skirt will likely be made of the gray-green tencel from the most recent Indie Sew collection (fabric sold out likely everywhere).  I purchased my cut of fabric from Sew To Speak.  I'm on the fence about the skirt pattern.  On one hand, I think a simple gathered skirt with a flat front and elastic waist back waistband would be extremely easy to sew and wear but I want to do this precious fabric justice.  I've considered the Seamwork Brooklyn, although I need to search out some reviews of that pattern in the larger sizes.  Or if I decide that choosing a on a skirt pattern is stopping my progress, I may choose something else altogether. 
  • Trevi Top pattern out of the Art Gallery Winterberry Pine rayon from Sew To Speak.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I've already started making this stylish tank top as part of this month's #letssewthistogether challenge I'm hosting with Loni of Havin' Sew Much Fun.  We chose a fabric that we both own and are sewing up our own pattern choice to be unveiled at the end of the month!  In fact, the choice of this beautiful rayon was the catalyst for my entire winter capsule wardrobe!  This challenge is a great opportunity for fellow sewists to join in and sew up their own beautiful fabrics.  
  • Seamly Wrapped Cardigan pattern for the glacier gray rayon lycra fabric.  I have made a few Wrapped Cardigans already and I love the length of them for layering and the snuggly feel of all of that drapey fabric.  I did forget how much of a fabric hog this pattern is and broke my buying ban to order an extra 2 yards.  I am fortunate that this particular color is currently still in stock at Cali Fabrics. I think it will be the perfect layering piece over my Trevi Top and other sleeveless tops as we head into spring!
  • Fauntleroy Raglan pattern has already been sewn up out of this spruce melange ribbed sweater knit from Blackbird fabrics.  The fabric is a polyester/rayon/spandex blend and it is mid to heavy weight and WARM, which is the quintessential perfect sweater for the recent freezing temperatures here.   

As you can see, I've been so excited about these fabrics that I've already started cutting and sewing before I was able to get this post live on my blog.   Why wait when I've been so incredibly inspired?  This is such a refreshing opposite to how I felt just before Christmas where I went several weeks without sewing much of anything.  

I have a lot of work to do in order to finish everything by the end of January so stay tuned.  I hope to have a few other posts here on the blog before the big reveal at the end of the month (or before--if I finish early!).  

#LetsSewThisTogether Trevi Top in Winterberry Pine Rayon

#LetsSewThisTogether Trevi Top in Winterberry Pine Rayon

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