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Knit Diary:  Lainey Cowl

Knit Diary: Lainey Cowl

Alternate Post Title: I Don’t Know How to Wear This Cowl.

This is the Lainey Cowl. It was originally published in Madder Anthology 2: Simple Pleasures Madder, which I assume is a pattern compilation. You can now purchase it individually on Ravelry. A friend gave me the pattern to try out as a beginner pattern. Thank you!

Lainey Cowl 2.JPG

While an absolutely beautiful, and simple, knitted piece, I don’t really know how to wear it. It’s a great beginner pattern because you have to fulfill some of the basics of knitting in the round. Casting on, joining in the round, and keeping track of your starting point. And it was my first time binding off my stitches so I did really learn some things!

Lainey Cowl.JPG

But I still don’t know if it works on me. It feels a bit restrictive down over my shoulders and a little too bulky to wear loosely around my neck. Soooo…any advice?

The yarn is Rowan brand and I am pretty sure it’s the super bulky 100% wool but I’ve lost the tag. I used Knitter’s Pride circular needles in two different sizes and I find them comfortable to use and a good price point.

I guess my overall thoughts on the pattern can be summed up as: fun knit, learned some things, maybe I will figure out how to wear it before winter is over? Any tips on how to wear it?

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