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A Very Hungry Caterpillar Blanket (x2)

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Blanket (x2)

Sometime in 2016 I ordered three different “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” licensed fabrics from Hawthorne Supply Co. I received them, tucked them away in my fabric storage, and mostly forgot about them.

Raise your hand if this sounds like something you might do.

Good. I can see I’m among friends.

VHC Blanket 5.JPG

These fabrics were extremely high quality with beautiful vibrant colors. I ordered two of the large panels, two yards of the stripe, and one yard of the small print. When I was digging through my fabrics to decide what to make for Scrapvember, I rediscovered these fabrics and decided that now was as good a time as any to sew them up.

VHC Blanket 2.JPG

Making two identical blankets was an easy decision—I had plenty of fabric. I trimmed the large panels and simply cut the small print fabric in strips the same length as the panels. When I attached the small print strips at each long edge of the panels, I laid them on top of the stripe and cut the stripe fabric to size. This was my way to quilt without doing any math and minimal measuring. After my fabrics were cut to size, I cut a piece of batting to fit.

To keep it very simple, I decided to quilt the fabric by sewing some long strips near my seams where I joined the two fabrics for the top. Then I sewed around the caterpillar outline. If you look really closely in the picture below, you can see the little stitched outline. And that was it!

VHC Blanket 3.JPG

I did hand stitch the binding on both quilts. I realize that not everyone enjoys hand stitching but I don’t mind it. It’s oddly relaxing. The fabric for the binding is an inexpensive quilting cotton from Jo-Ann’s that I cut into straight grain strips.

I was thinking of putting one of these quilts into a charity event recently but I didn’t quite get it ready in time. So one of them is in my 3 year old’s bed and we use it as an extra blanket at night if the house is chilly. It’s a good size to cover up a 3 year old and all of my handmade quilted blankets are very warm. I love peaking into his room when he’s covered with this blanket and seeing the caterpillar image laying over his body. It makes me smile.

VHC Blanket 1.JPG

The second blanket is laying over our couch in the family room while I decide what to do with it. I may hang onto it and use it as a lap blanket for road trips for the boys or I may give it as a gift to someone. I’m glad I sewed both of them up at the same time (batch sewing for the win!) because now I’ve used up this beautiful fabric!

I’ve had a few people ask if this fabric is still available and the answer is—maybe? You’ll have to look around on ebay or various online fabric stores to see if you can find it. When I purchased it, Hawthorne Fabrics was clearing it out at a big discount so I think it was released earlier than 2016. Good luck if you are looking! I hope you find some.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve sewed any blankets this year, I’d love to have a link to look at them on your blog or Instagram account. Feel free to leave the link in the comments.

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