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#LetsSewThisTogether February/March Make: Sunday Everyday Sweater

#LetsSewThisTogether February/March Make: Sunday Everyday Sweater

Maker Heart Sunday Everyday Sweater April 2018 (1 of 4).jpg

Have you ever made something that you wear all the time but you don't really like it...and you still wear it all the time?  That is my relationship with the Sunday Everyday Sweater I made for the February/March #letssewthistogether.

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It's complicated to give a review of a pattern I've made only once, don't intend to make again, and is probably not the type of pattern that someone with my body shape should have made in the first place.  The hem of the sweater is contoured to come closer to the body at the widest part of my hips which means that I lose my entire body shaping.  On a Sunday afternoon, when I am making grocery lists or sewing, this doesn't matter to me.  I enjoy the droopy arms of the sweater and the extra blousy fit on the middle.  But to wear to a school conference or a visit to the pediatrician?  I'd definitely wear something else.  

I guess that means that for my lifestyle, it is the perfect Sunday Sweater, but I wouldn't call it an Everyday Sweater.   So the name is half true for me.  I can't even really critique the pattern itself as the instructions were fine (average in comparison to other independent sewing patterns I've tried) and the construction was very simple.  If you sew often, you may not even need to really look at the instructions.  The tip to reinfornce the back neckline with twill tape was a good one as the wide neckline was stretching out the first few times I wore it.  I added some cute bias tape to the back and used a twin needle to stitch around the front.  The whole neckline felt more stable after I did that.  

Sunday Everyday Sweater April 2018 (3 of 4).jpg

If I were to make this again (I won't--I only need one of these), I would use the navy ribbing the entire way around the bottom hem.  I didn't have enough which is why it is only in the front.  The french terry fabric I used for the main body of the Sunday Everyday is from LA Finch Fabrics and is now sold out.  I'm pretty sure it is a cotton/rayon/spandex blend.  It's extremely warm even though it's very lightweight.  It has moderate horizontal stretch and no vertical stretch at all.  

I tried--several times--to get photos of myself in this shirt.  But frankly, I hated them all.  I realize vanity is ridiculous when you are trying to show the shape of a pattern but this is why I am completely neutral on this pattern overall.  It doesn't particularly suit my personal style, but that doesn't mean that I've thought that when I've seen it on other sewists.  I recommend a search of the hashtag #sundayeverydaysweater to see it on many different people.  

In conclusion, I'm glad I made this for lounging around the house.  And if you aren't concerned about showing a waistline, you may absolutely love this pattern.  I don't have anything negative to say about it except that it's not my favorite make...and yet I will still probably wear it all the time at home!  

Don't forget to check out Loni's schedule of upcoming (and past) #letsewthistogether monthly categories and use the hashtag on Instagram to play along with us!  Sewing with friends is the best.  

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