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Fancy Pants Sewing Patterns for Curvy Figures (& Giveaway Info!)

Fancy Pants Sewing Patterns for Curvy Figures (& Giveaway Info!)

Hey, guess what?

Everyone is allowed to wear pants.

And it’s generally accepted that in most social situations you SHOULD wear pants…or some other coverage over your rear end. Hurray! Permission (and encouragement) to put pants on your body!

Now that we’ve established that every body can wear pants, I want to make clear that every body at every size can and should feel like they can SEW pants.

Yes, you and me and your uncle and your neighbor and your grocery delivery person—all of us can make pants. We all deserve great fitting pants!

So let’s pick some patterns that look great on many/ALL bodies! Because that is the kind of pattern I want to sew and wear.

I am already in the process of sewing the Deer and Doe Narcisse Pants. This pattern has a very cool tuxedo stripe inspired side panel. And remember how so many pants we discussed YESTERDAY had tuxedo strip inspiration? I think D&D is onto something awesome here.

The pants go up to a size 52 in PDF and I’m telling you that is an awesome, easy to fit, first pants pattern. For anyone. With that side panel it would be SO EASY to add inches to the pattern to grade it up. I made it in a stretch woven instead of the suggested non-stretch and except for a touch of pocket gaping (which I’m working on trouble shooting and have ideas on how I could avoid that in future versions) it’s really working out wonderfully. And I happen to know that Deer and Doe is a sponsor of Sew Fancy Pants and is included in a future giveaway… look out for that!

I wasn’t even going to consider this next pattern but then Loni went and sewed a pair with the most perfect shaped back yoke that really emphasizes the body’s curves and I’m in love. So curvy friends, we need to look at the Liana Stretch Jeans by Itch to Stitch Patterns. The 48.5 inch hip for a size 20 isn’t the best size range I’ve ever seen, but I think it could work for many (obviously not all). I personally would have to add about 2 inches to the waist but grading up equally at each side seam works pretty well for me in most patterns and I’m willing to try! (And let’s be honest, willing to try is the first step for just about every sewing project.)

I also love that with the purchase of one pattern you receive three options for the fit of the leg: skinny, straight, and bootcut. I see these in a perfect burgundy stretch twill I received as part of Imagine Gnats sponsorship of #SewFancyPants (thank you!) with a velvet ribbon tuxedo strip down the side. DEAD. I cannot wait to sew these. I’m waiting on the ribbon to come in the mail so I’m going to work on a different pattern first. In fact, I may try to sew these to discuss during week 3 which is all about FITTING YOUR PANTS.

If there is any time left—and is there ever, but let’s be really optimistic here—I have some Seamwork Patterns on the brain. The Seamwork Callahan pants have the best pintucks down the legs which are inherently fancy and I love the cropped style. And the Seamwork Channing pants have a casual, sexy menswear vibe that I am HERE FOR and really want to sew. Loni gave me a cut of a midweight crepe that would really be amazing as these pants or something similar. If not these, maybe Emerson Pants? Jury is still out.

It cannot be forgotten that our curvy sewing pioneer, Cashmerette Patterns, has an amazing jeans pattern, the Ames Jeans. Not only is it one of the most extensive size ranges for curvy figures from a size 12 to a size 28 but it also has different torso pieces depending on if you are an “apple” or a “pear” shape. Hallelujah for thoughtful pattern drafting and (more) inclusive sizing! I have the Ames Jeans printed and ready to go. I am going to use the most perfect black jegging fabric from D&H Fabrics and Co. to make my first version and then the sky is the limit from there.


I’m giving away a copy of the Ames Jeans pattern by Cashmerette Patterns TODAY January 3, 2019, on my Instagram feed! If you are a curvy sewer or love a curvy sewer, you NEED to enter this giveaway! You will get a BONUS entry in the giveaway if you leave a comment here on my blog and tell me what sewing pants sewing pattern—any pattern at all, not just those listed here—that you want to sew next.

Ames Jeans Giveaway Cover Photo.jpg

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