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Gifted:  Footed Baby Pants and Matching Hats

Gifted: Footed Baby Pants and Matching Hats

A dear friend recently had a baby boy several weeks early and while he is healthy and strong, he is simply SO TINY. She said he’s swimming in newborn clothes! He is doing a wonderful job gaining weight and will hopefully be into those newborn sized clothing soon.


What kind of friend (who sews all the time) would I be if I didn’t whip up a handful of baby clothes for her? And it is a bonus that all of my little knit scraps that were roughly 1/4 to a 1/2 yard of fabric were perfect for this gift. Win-win.


I downloaded these baby patterns several years ago with the thought of using them for gifts but never got around to it. This is my first time using both of these patterns. The baby hat pattern is the Free Baby Hat Pattern by Coral and Co. This is an extremely quick pattern that comes in preemie to 12 month sizes. I sewed the entire thing on my serger and it only took minutes to make each one.


The footed baby pants pattern is from Sew Much Ado. It’s also a free pattern and comes only in newborn size (5-10lbs). I decided to leave the feet off of the black knit pants and the Art Gallery “Sweetest Days” knit to make them little cuffed leggings. I figured this might give a quickly growing baby a few extra weeks (or even days) if they are growing longer faster than they are growing around the middle.


The overlapped shoulder shirt is based on the Fresh Stitch Patterns Overlap Bodysuit Pattern that I purchased a few years ago. I didn’t really want to do the full bodysuit so I cropped it into a t-shirt and added a hem band to the shirt. It’s a very cute pattern and quick to sew. I would recommend it if you are hoping to make baby clothing. Fresh Stitch Patterns has many very affordable baby patterns on their Etsy Shop. I’ve also purchased the Harem Pants and the Playgroup Romper patterns.


The fabrics were almost all bits and pieces leftover from other makes. There are some Art Gallery knits, some Birch organic rib knits, some knit fabrics that Loni gave me that were leftover from some of her makes, and then some other knits I found in the bottom of my scrap bin. I could have probably made ten more items but I’m sure I will have other friends have more babies soon enough!


Do you like to sew baby clothes? I don’t do a lot of gift sewing but this was a nice change of pace for me in February since I had sewn so many challenging items in January. It felt good to sew something simple and forgiving!


Thank you for stopping by. To keep up with my sewing, feel free to follow me over on Instagram @makerheart. I’ve got a lot of sewing and knitting to share!

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